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Fiestas Mexicanas believes in the inclusion of all diverse cultural backgrounds and values. We strive to maintain and share our Mexican values and culture through mutual respect of other cultures/beliefs. We are dedicated to the preservation of strong family bonds, friendships and history. 2017's annual event will be on Friday and Saturday, September 15th and 16th at Lincoln Park. This event not only attracts the Latino Community, it also brings in other ethnic groups. This event provides culture awareness and education about the history, lifestyle and people of Mexico. This is a great opportunity for you to advertise your business to a large and diverse group. An event for the whole family! Fiestas Mexicanas is a celebration of Latin American Independence Day. This is an opportunity for you and your family to enjoy traditional Latin food, great entertainment with local groups and two groups directly coming from Mexico plus a whole lot more. Fiestas Mexicanas is recognized and supported by:

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Fiestas Mexicanas is an event that no one wants to miss!   Not only is it a marvelous celebration for those who take pride in their heritage from Mexico, it is an opportunity for everyone in the community to share in a culture steeped in amazing history; wonderful food, music and art; and, committed to children,  family and the communities they live in.  The gracious hospitality, from those who organize this event to every last person who attends and participates, is unparalleled. What a treasure it is to have participated in the fabulous celebration in the past and privilege to be invited back again this year!   Muchas Gracias!! 

Sharon Osborne CEO Children’s Home Society of WA

I am proud to represent our American Legion Post 10 at Fiestas Mexicanas

Ralph Poulsen , Veteran American Legion Post 10

The first time I attended Fiesta Mexicanas I was overwhelmed with how many families were in attendance as well as the overall quality of the event. Entertainers, vendors, and community leaders are proud to participate and share this important cultural opportunity with our region.

Garn Christensen , Eastmont Superintent

A vibrant display of community, that is how I would describe Fiestas Mexicanas.  Thousands of people coming together to celebrate the Mexican culture in a warm and welcoming environment.  I ate, I danced, I learned, and I embraced it!

Libby Hein, Eastern Washington Director for Children’s Home Society of WA

The Greater Wenatchee Valley is host to many celebrations and community events, none are quite as unique and well attended as Fiestas Mexicanas.  Lincoln Park is a phenomenal location for this event and the food, music and dancing are awesome! Once again the City of Wenatchee and the Wenatchee Police Department are excited to celebrate this area's prominent Hispanic culture at this great community event.

Steve Crown, Chief Wenatchee Police Department

Fiestas Mexicanas has been a great event for all citizens in our Valley and beyond! I’ve had the opportunity to attend and enjoy the food, music, and festivities provided at the fiesta. I also had the privilege to take part in the ceremony which recognizes people who have made positive contributions for our Latino community. This event teaches us all that we can be proud of our heritage, history and culture, while knowing that our contributions are woven into the fabric of this nation which makes us strong and proud citizens!

Ismael Vivanco, Superintendent Orondo and Palisades School Districts
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Fiestas Mexicanas Organizing Committee:
Erick and Alejandra Gonzalez - Event Chairs
Martha Zaldivar - President
Maria Guerra - Vice President
Alex Guerra - Secretary
Missael Guerra - Treasurer
Wilber Zaldivar - Hospitality Coordinator
Juan M Sanchez - Webmaster

Support Team:
Gabi Fernandez - Social Media
Eneida Gonzalez - Volunteer
Aleri Gonzalez - Volunteer
Meztli Gonzalez - Volunteer
Mauricio Gonzalez - Volunteer
Wilber Zaldivar Jr. - Volunteer

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